Moving On

I’ve done it.  I’ve broken free.  I am no longer a cog in the AT&T-iPhone machine/monopoly.  After two attempts to jailbreak my phone and unlock it, I am now free and the current *ruler of everything.  Gaze upon how awesome I am, below.


That right there is what technological freedom looks like.  I still have the same phone number, and all the same/better features (unlimited web, text, and 1000 anytime minutes), and now thanks to Catherine Zeta-Jones, I’m saving about $30 a month compared to AT&T’s plan.   If you want to know how to join the revolution and break free from AT&T with your iPhone, just ask me and I can walk you through the easy process. Until then, you can admire me for how savvy I am.

*Ruler of everything does not apply in the continental U.S.
  1. #1 by n00b on July 3, 2009 - 12:42 am

    can you walk me through the process, oh great one?

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